Asst. Prof. İdris Sargın


Asst. Prof. İdris Sargın

Asst. Prof. İdris SARGIN

İdris Sargın was born in Aksaray, Turkey in 1975. He received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry Education from Marmara University, Istanbul and the Master Degree in Chemistry from Aksaray University in 2011 and Ph. D. from Selcuk University in 2015. He has been working as a Assistant Professor in department Biochemistry in 2018, Selcuk University. He is married and has two kids.

From his early studies of the interactions of metal ions with biological materials, he extended his interest to the extraction, purification, characterisation and subsequent application of biopolymers, particularly chitin and sporopollenin, in the field of biomaterials (e.g. designing of biodegradable and edible films, drug delivery, biopolymer-based catalysts etc.).

Since 2013, he and his research group published 40 papers in peer-reviewed international journals. According to the latest stats of Mendeley (Elsevier’s Scopus) on, there have already been 269 citations to his publications and his h-index is 9 (June 2018). His profile also can be viewed on Google Scholar and Researchgate.

Here is the list of his publications:

Publications in Peer-Reviewed International Journals (Sci & Sci-Ex)

  1. G. Tan, M. Kaya, A. Tevlek, I. Sargin, T. Baran (2018). Antitumor activity of chitosan from mayfly with comparison to commercially available low, medium and high molecular weight chitosans. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology – Animal, May 2018, Volume 54, Issue 5, pp 366–374.
  2. Mehtap Gursoy, Idris Sargin, Muhammad Mujtaba, Bahar Akyuz, Sedef Ilk, Lalehan Akyuz, Murat Kaya, Yavuz S. Cakmak, Asier M. Salaberria, Jalel Labidi, Nuran Erdem (2018). False flax (Camelina sativa) seed oil as suitable ingredient for the enhancement of physicochemical and biological properties of chitosan films. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 114 (2018) 1224–1232 114 (2018) 1224–1232.
  3. Lalehan Akyuz, Asier Martinez, Cemil Islek, Idris Sargin, Jalel Labidi, Muhammad Mujtaba, Murat Kaya, Sedef İlk, Yavuz Selim Cakmak (2018). Supplementing capsaicin with chitosan-based films enhanced the anti-quorum sensing, antimicrobial, antioxidant, transparency, elasticity and hydrophobicity. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 115 (2018) 438–446.
  4. Lalehan Akyuz, Murat Kaya, Sedef Ilk, Yavuz Selim Cakmak, Asier M. Salaberria, Jalel Labidi, Bahar Akyuz Yılmaz, Idris Sargin (2018). Effect of different animal fat and plant oil additives on physicochemical, mechanical, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of chitosan films. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 111 (2018) 475–484.
  5. Talat Baran, İdris Sargın, Murat Kaya, Povilas Mulerčikas, Sonata Kazlauskaitė, Ayfer Menteş (2017). Production of magnetically recoverable, thermally stable, bio-based catalyst: Remarkable turnover frequency and reusability in Suzuki coupling reaction. Chemical Engineering Journal 331, 102–113.
  6. Murat Kaya, Muhammad Mujtaba, Hermann Ehrlich, Asier M Salaberria, Talat Baran, Chris T Amemiya, Roberta Galli, Lalehan Akyuz, Idris Sargin, Jalel Labidi (2017). On chemistry of γ-chitin. Carbohydrate Polymers 176, 177–186.
  7. Idris Sargin, Lalehan Akyuz, Murat Kaya, Gamze Tan, Talip Ceter, Kevser Yildirim, Seymanur Ertosun, Gozde Hatun Aydin, Muge Topal (2017). Controlled release and anti-proliferative effect of imatinib mesylate loaded sporopollenin microcapsules extracted from pollens of Betula pendula. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 105, Part 1:749–756.
  8. Tomas Drevinskas, Gintarė Naujokaitytė, Audrius Maruška, Murat Kaya, Idris Sargin, Remigijus Daubaras, Laima Česonienė (2017). Effect of molecular weight of chitosan on the shelf life and other quality parameters of three different cultivars of Actinidia kolomikta (kiwifruit). Carbohydrate Polymers 173, 269–275.
  9. Muhammad Mujtaba, Murat Kaya, Lalehan Akyuz, Demet Erdonmez, Bahar Akyuz, Idris Sargin (2017). Detailed adsorption mechanism of plasmid DNA by newly isolated cellulose from waste flower spikes of Thypa latifolia using quantum chemical calculations. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 102, 914–923.
  10. Mujtaba, M., Sargin, I., Akyuz, L., Ceter, C. and Kaya, M. (2017). Newly isolated sporopollenin microcages from Platanus orientalis pollens as a vehicle for controlled drug deliveryk. Materials Science and Engineering: C 77, 263–270.
  11. Murat Kaya, Idris Sargin, Ignas Sabeckis, Deimante Noreikaite, Demet Erdonmez, Asier M. Salaberria Jalel Labidi, Vykintas Baublys,Vaida Tubelyte (2017). Biological, mechanical, optical and physicochemical properties of natural chitin films obtained from the dorsal pronotum and the wing of cockroach. Carbohydrate Polymers, 163, 162–169.
  12. Murat Kaya, Lalehan Akyuz, Idris Sargin, Muhammad Mujtaba, Asier M. Salaberria, Jalel Labidi, Yavuz S. Cakmak, Behlul Koc, Talat Baran, Talip Ceter (2017). Incorporation of sporopollenin enhances acid–base durability, hydrophobicity, and mechanical, antifungal and antioxidant properties of chitosan films. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 47, 236–245.
  13. Lalehan Akyuz, Idris Sargin, Murat Kaya, Talip Ceter, Ilgaz Akata (2017). A new pollen-derived microcarrier for Pantoprazole delivery. Materials Science & Engineering C, 71, 937–942.
  14. Esra Bulut, Idris Sargin, Ozlem Arslan, Mehmet Odabasi, Bahar Akyuz, Murat Kaya (2017). In situ chitin isolation from body parts of a centipede and lysozyme adsorption studies, Materials Science and Engineering: C 70, 552–563.
  15. Talat Baran, Idris Sargin, Murat Kaya, Ayfer Menteş, Talip Ceter. (2017) Design and application of sporopollenin microcapsule supported palladium catalyst: remarkably high turnover frequency and reusability in catalysis of biaryls, Journal of Colloid & Interface Science, 486, 194–203.
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Conference Presentations

  1. Gulsin Arslan, İdris Sargın, Murat Kaya, “Magnetite loaded chitinous microcages produced from microcrustacean (Daphnia longispina; water flea) ephippia for Cr(VI) removal”, International Conference on Innovations in Natural Science and Engineering (ICINSE 2018), oral presentation, 3-6 Jan. 2018, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  2. Sinan Aktaş, Neslihan İyit, İdris Sargın, Gulsin Arslan, “Determination of trace metals on some wild mushroom samples encountered from Black Sea region, Turkey”, 3rd International Researchers, Statisticians and Young Statisticians Congress, oral presentation, p. 492, 24-26 May 2017, Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey.
  3. İdris Sargın, Murat Kaya, Bahar Akyüz, Esra Bulut and Gulsin Arslan, “Macroalgal Bloom Biomass for Congo Red Removal: Equilibrium, Kinetic, Thermodynamic and Competitor Ions Effects Studies”, Ecology Symposium, oral presentation, p. 233, 11-13 May 2017, Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey.
  4. İdris Sargın, Gülşin Arslan and Murat Kaya. Novel magnetite loaded chitinous microcages produced from microcrustacean (Daphnia longispina; water flea) ephippia for heavy metal removal (2016). 1st International Black Sea Congress on Environmental Sciences (1st IBCESS), oral presentation, August 31-September 03, 2016, Giresun, Turkey.
  5. İdris Sargın, Murat Kaya, Esra Bulut, Gulsin Arslan and Bahar Akyüz, “Corn Silk and Sugar Beet Pulp for Removal of Carcinogenic and Mutagenic Dye (Congo red) from Aqueous Solution”, Ecology Symposium, poster presentation, p. 492, 11-13 May 2017, Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey.
  6. Ayfer Menteş, Talat Baran, İdris Sargın and Murat Kaya. Chitosan-Ulva Sp (Green Alga) Composite Microbeads as A Support Material for Palladium Catalyst (2016). 1st International Black Sea Congress on Environmental Sciences (1st IBCESS), poster presentation, August 31-September 03, 2016, Giresun, Turkey.

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